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Peck Cottage Studio

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Soggy Bottom Snowman - Large size handmade gourd ornament. Attractively packaged in a clear plastic 4" display box.  Hats are painted with wool trim.  Scarves are wool, with the exception of the Buffalo Plaid, which is poly-fabric.  Accessories are non-removable.  Comes on a clear hanging cord.  Gourds vary slightly in size and shape.  No two are identical!  All ornaments are signed and triple coated with a protective non-yellowing glossy clearcoat.

Size guide:

  • Gourds in 6" tall boxes are approx. 3 1/2" in height.
  • Gourds in 4" tall boxes are approx. 3" in height.
  • Gourds in 3" tall boxes are approx. 1 2/3" to 2" in height.

Not a toy.

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