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Peck Cottage Studio

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Soggy Bottom Snowman - Small size handmade gourd ornament. Attractively packaged in a clear plastic 3" display box.  There is even a blanket of snow in the bottom of the box!  (Some customers prefer to leave them in their boxes, although they can be removed for hanging.)

Hats are painted with ribbon trim, as are the scarves. Accessories are non-removable.  Comes on a clear hanging cord.  Gourds vary slightly in size and shape.  No two are identical!  All ornaments are signed and triple coated with a protective non-yellowing glossy clearcoat.

Choose your favorite school or team color combination!

Size guide:

  • Gourds in 6" tall boxes are approx. 3 1/2" in height.
  • Gourds in 4" tall boxes are approx. 3" in height.
  • Gourds in 3" tall boxes are approx. 1 2/3" to 2" in height.

Not a toy.


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